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Mindful Eating
Do you ever find yourself rushing a meal because there are not enough hours in the day? Quickly consuming a meal can result in fatigue and bloating that can weigh […]
The Resolution of Relaxation
As we head into the new year, we find ourselves making resolutions, setting goals, and diving into new beginnings. It is important to remind ourselves not to get too caught […]
Holiday Serenity
The holidays and joyous celebrations are here, and the busyness that comes with this time of year can distract from the importance of self-care, relaxation and wellness. In the midst […]
Inspiring Gratitude Year-round
As we head into the holidays and find ourselves sharing what we are grateful for with loved ones, it’s also an opportune moment to contemplate how gratitude can be practiced […]
Sound of Color
Have you ever explored what a color sounds like? Perhaps green sounds like the swishing of blades of grass dancing in the wind, and blue sounds like water flowing gently […]
World Wellness Weekend With Glen Ivy Hot Springs
World Wellness Weekend 2021 is celebrated on September 18 & 19 and is a global event dedicated to inspiring and empowering healthy lifestyles. For over 160 years, Glen Ivy Hot […]
What is Sound Bath Meditation?
Sound bath meditation is a tranquil meditation where the soothing noises of calming instruments bathe over people to relax the mind and bring inner peace. Today, sound bath meditation is […]
Discover Where Wellness Meets Wanderlust
Are you ready for your wellness escape to be taken to the next level? Introducing Evenings at Glen Ivy where the night sky and warm summer nights meet a new […]
Glen Ivy Joins The Global Community In Observing World Bathing Day
Glen Ivy Hot Springs is pleased to support the Bathe The World Foundation in celebrating water and the diverse bathing rituals on World Bathing Day this June 22. An annual […]
Discovering Your Meditation Style
An ancient practice believed to have originated from India, meditation is a popular wellness practice for those seeking to alter their consciousness, ground themselves, enhance awareness and find...
Exploring A Minimalist Lifestyle
A polarizing concept, minimalism is critiqued as a cold and empty life. The term itself often evokes an image of an austere, modern home and a muted color palate. Naysayers […]
Nourishing Your Skin’s Microbiome
Throughout history, humans have taken care of their skin, striving to achieve a healthy, radiant and smooth complexion. The ancient Greeks are known to have used olive oil as a […]