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The Water
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A Tradition of Excellence

Hot spring water has always been at the heart of Glen Ivy Hot Springs. 

Experience it in its purest form in our Mineral Baths, which are in the heart of the resort. We recommend spending 15 minutes soaking in the 104-degree, geothermal waters to ease joint pain, soften the skin and stimulate the immune system. High in sulfur, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, our hot spring pools emit a sulfur-rich odor as a necessary and natural exchange for the healing effect these waters have on both the body and soul.

High in sulfur, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium

Healing effect on both the body and soul

104-degree, geothermal waters to ease joint pain, soften the skin and stimulate the immune system

Glen Ivy’s Mineral Water Composition:
Spend 15 minutes soaking in these 104 degree, geothermal waters. These sulfur-rich springs ease joint pain and soften the skin. The sulfur-rich odor coming from these pools is a necessary and natural exchange for the powerful healing effect these waters have on both the body and soul.

Sodium Chloride 14.8 mg
Sodium Sulfate 123 mg
Calcium 10.3 mg
Fluoride 3.13 mg
LpH Level 9.44

Calcium Carbonate 25.6 mg
Sodium Carbonate 41.3 mg
Sodium 70.0 mg
Total Dissolved Solids 216 mg

Glen Ivy mineral baths
Relax, recline and reconnect with friends in our shallow Lounge Pool. Grab a pool float and while away the day. It’s the perfect place for lounging, sipping, chatting and people watching.

Salt water is very relaxing for our nervous system, so we fill this pool with Epsom salts that are rich in magnesium and sulfates, both of which have a therapeutic effect on easing tight muscles and joints and cramps and inflammation in the body.

This hydrotherapy experience is guaranteed to kickstart your circulation and boost your immune system. Blood vessels expand in the hot water (101.5F – 102.5 degrees) and constrict when you plunge into the cold water (55F – 65 degrees). Repeat the process three times for a blast of energy as you boost blood flow and flush out toxins.

This is our exercise pool. Here you’ll enjoy our AquaFit and AquaTone classes, or just jump in anytime you feel like a refreshing swim.

Enjoy long views of the Santa Ana mountains from this beautiful hot pool, where you can watch the sun set over the lush grounds of Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

This pair of pools on the north side of the resort is bathed all day in full sunlight. Relax in our floating hammocks in this lively area of the resort or find a shady spot in the two-person poolside cabanas, booked as part of our Passport to Wellness packages.

Found in our Bath House changing rooms, these indoor pools of classical proportions are bordered by stone colonnades, classical arches and mosaics, all designed to bring out the god or goddess in you.

Glen Ivy the waters
Glen Ivy pools

Did You Know...

Contrast Hydrotherapy is the practice of submerging one’s body in warm water for several minutes immediately followed by cold water for an equal amount of time. This process, repeated multiple times, offers many benefits for both the body and the mind. Practice contrast Hydrotherapy by visiting our Hot and Cold Plunge pools. 

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A Tradition of Excellence

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