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The Grotto
Experience Awaits

A Tradition of Excellence

Our Subterranean Treatment

This is your skin softening, sensuous and subterranean journey – and it is so much fun! Descend into our secret cave and be painted neck-to-toe with a warm aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus, shea butter and lavender masque. Warm your body in the gently heated cavern as this silky formula soaks further into your skin as your body heats and your pores open. When you’re ready, step into the next room to rinse off under cascading water before moving into the final, cooler grotto to relax with tea, water and fruit.

Reservations required. $45 per person.

A rare opportunity to be painted neck-to-toe with an ultra-moisturizing body masque.

Relaxing in the steamy grotto, opens pores so moisture from the masque is absorbed.

This experience results in highly moisturized, silky-smooth skin.

Grotto 1
Grotto 2
the grotto

Did You Know...

The 5 pillars of wellness are: sleep & restoration, nutrition & nourishment, vitality & movement, serenity & mindfulness and purpose & solidarity. Glen Ivy Hot Springs offer a variety of resources to balance and maintain each of these. 

Enjoy Our Grotto Experience

A Tradition of Excellence

Experience The Grotto