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Plan Your Day

A Tradition of Excellence

There’s so much to do at Glen Ivy that a little pre-planning will help you make the most of your day.

Please review the following before your arrival to ensure you enjoy a safe and relaxing wellness experience. As always, our team is here to help you enjoy your wellness day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. If you have questions about the wide range of pools or services available to you, or if you are interested in how different activities in your day boost your immune system, just ask us! For the safety and overall experience of our guests, we ask reservations do not exceed 12 people. We look forward to welcoming you to Glen Ivy!

Enjoy Our Spa
Treatments First Hand

A Final Word

At Glen Ivy Hot Springs, we believe that everyone can and should enjoy their wellness day. Please be considerate of others and respectful of their experience. It is our goal to make wellness fun and to help every guest curate the wellness day they are seeking. We ask that you help us achieve this goal.

Did You Know...

Glen Ivy got its name from its then English owners, the Steers family, who noticed wild grape ‘ivy’ growing at the mouth of the ‘canyon’, more commonly known in England as a ‘glen’.