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Green Goddess Cobb Salad from Ivy Kitchen

Do you ever find yourself rushing a meal because there are not enough hours in the day? Quickly consuming a meal can result in fatigue and bloating that can weigh on you throughout the day. Eating is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Food provides us with fuel to survive and thrive each day, while allowing nourishment to both the body and mind. Setting a few extra moments aside to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of a meal is a new practice to implement into your life in 2022. This is mindful eating.

Mindful eating encourages intention setting of how and what you are putting into your body. Eating too fast? Slow down and practice presence during your meal. Only eating junk food? Make a grocery list to cut time at the store rather than grabbing something “quick and easy.” Indulging in these fast practices can lead to the feeling of guilt after a meal.

Mindful eating gives a non-judgemental relationship with oneself and what is on their plate. UC Berkeley University Health Service blog explains, “Mindful eating is not a diet. Mindful eating supports us to have a healthy relationship with food, bringing a warm-hearted presence to our meals to appreciate the joy and intimacy of eating.” Mindful eating brings awareness to our kitchen and dinner table and leaves us feeling healthy and strong.

Here are a few ways to practice mindful eating:

  • Set an intention of what you put into your body
  • Prepare an ambiance for your meal (set out a tablecloth or light a candle!)
  • Take a deep breath before taking your first bite
  • Show gratitude for your meal (both alone and when a meal is shared)
  • Acknowledge what is on your plate (notice colors, smell, and textures)
  • Recognize how your body feels before, during, and after eating
  • Practice screen-free meal time

Here at Glen Ivy Hot Springs we encourage mindful eating and incorporate fresh and colorful produce throughout each culinary experience on property. Fruits and vegetables seen in your favorite Glen Ivy dishes are harvested right from the plentiful crops on property. Try a juice or smoothie at the Warm-Up Zone, a hand-crafted dish from Ivy Kitchen, or enjoy a fresh Thai Coconut poolside!