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What is Contrast Hydrotherapy?

Hot & Cold Plunge

Water is at the heart of the Glen Ivy experience. 19 therapeutic pools with a range of healing and wellness properties, including contrast hydrotherapy, cover the property. Contrast hydrotherapy is the practice of submerging one’s body in warm water for several minutes immediately followed by cold water for an equal amount of time. This process, repeated multiple times, offers many benefits for both the body and the mind.

One benefit associated with contrast bath therapy is improved circulation. Blood vessels open up in hot water (101.5F – 102.5 degrees) and constrict in cold water (55F – 65 degrees). This rapid fluctuation of blood vessels during contrast hydrotherapy helps increase blood circulation throughout the body.

In addition to increasing circulation, alternating between hot and cold water acts as a pump for the lymph system, helping to reduce inflammation in muscles and assist the body in healing damaged tissue. This “muscle pumping” also helps to flush out metabolic toxins from the muscles and push them into the bloodstream for excretion. Each contrast hydrotherapy cycle should always end with cold water, as heat can induce the body’s inflammatory response.

Contrast therapy is a great practice for those looking to boost overall health and mood or for those who need to recover from a hard workout or injury. At Glen Ivy, the Hot and Cold plunge pools offer all of the benefits of contrast hydrotherapy. Bathing coaches are onsite to help guide you through the process and maximize your wellness benefits.  Enjoy a blast of energy, while boosting blood flow and flushing out toxins at the same time. We dare you to take the plunge!