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Celebrating World Bathing Day

Glen Ivy hot springs

June 22 marks the sixth observance of World Bathing Day, a celebration of humanity’s connection to water and the rituals and traditions related to the practice of bathing. World Bathing Day enforces the idea that immersing oneself in water can truly bring communities closer together and remind people of the interconnections between the wellbeing of community and the wellbeing of the planet, especially at a time in history of so much change. The official theme, “reawaken,” for the 2023 World Bathing Day enforces that “now is the time of reconnection, reuniting and rebirth for our global community.” 

Throughout the history of humanity, water has been a symbol for cleansing and new beginnings. World Bathing Day acknowledges this symbolic aspect of water and encourages people to celebrate throughout the year by bathing. Soaking, whether in pools, hot springs or spas, has numerous wellness benefits. It can help improve the quality of sleep, relieve muscle pain, burn calories, soothe irritated skin and support heart health. These benefits can be taken even further when combined with other beneficial treatments like mud baths which can draw out impurities from the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, relieve arthritic pain and relax sore joints and muscles. 

The beauty of bathing is that it can be as active or relaxing as you choose to make it and can be done alongside loved ones and the community, allowing you to reconnect. World Bathing Day serves as a reminder to all to celebrate water, its diverse benefits and the connections it can bring.