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Glen Ivy’s Fall Harvest

Hydroponic plants

Fall is in full swing at Glen Ivy Hot Springs! The changing of the season signifies a time for change, balance and growth. In nature, fall brings an abundance of fresh and healthy produce, providing an opportunity to embrace wellness and feel your best.

Glen Ivy cares for a lush orchard of fruit-bearing trees. During the fall and into early winter, fresh persimmons, pomegranates, and avocados fill the trees will vibrant colors and rich flavors. Coming up this December, avocados will be available for sale by the bag, great for adding flavor to salads, sandwiches or enjoying on their own. Explore new ingredients, new recipes and add Ivy Marketplace seasonal produce to your menu for health benefits that will enhance not only your palate but your body and mind.

Glen Ivy recently started growing its own leafy greens and herbs with the addition of two Lettuce Grow farm stands. Located in the sunshine on Ivy Kitchen’s patio, two self-watering, self-fertilizing, vertical hydroponic Lettuce Grow farm stands are stationed. The farm stands grow a variety of leafy greens and herbs that are also incorporated into Ivy Kitchen’s fresh, locally inspired menu. Lettuce Grow is a great resource for guests looking for inspiration to grow their own wholesome ingredients at home. With over 200+ varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs, Lettuce Grow provides members with the tools, resources and inspiration to transform their home into a personal farmers market.

Enjoy all that nature has to offer and celebrate the season of balance and growth at Glen Ivy Hot Springs with flavor sensations from a wide array of fresh, local fruits and vegetables that will provide the nourishment and antioxidants your body needs to feel its best.