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Sunscreen: The Key to Aging Gracefully

During the summer, applying sunscreen is essential to preventing burns and skin damage. Most of us already know that sunscreen and summer go hand in hand, but what many people do not realize, is that sunscreen should be applied year-round, not just on hot summer days spent outside.

The sun’s rays penetrate daily – even when the sun isn’t out:

Daily sunscreens are important because we get the majority of our sun exposure when doing daily tasks like driving and short walks to the store, work etc. This quick and intense exposure to sunlight over time can contribute to permanent skin damage. Ultraviolet light can also penetrate clouds with ease, leaving the skin exposed and in need of protection even on cloudy days. Dermatologists also recommend daily coverage to protect against UV rays emitted from computer screens and digital devices.

Wearing sunscreen slows down the development of wrinkles, brown spots, discoloration, and premature aging of the skin:

Sun protection works by preventing UV light from interacting with your skin, effectively reducing the chances of hyperpigmentation. Sunscreen also prevents the sun from damaging the elastic fibers that keep skin firm, reducing the development of wrinkles.

Preventing skin cancer:

According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in America. By applying sunscreen each day, the risk of developing skin cancer is cut in half.

More sunscreen options are available than ever before:

With a variety of textures and consistencies such as lotions, sprays, creams, sticks, powders and gels, there are sunscreens available for all needs and skin types that make it easy to incorporate sunscreen into your daily skincare routine.

At Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Coola Suncare offers a variety of effective suncare formulas that are natural, organic and sustainable. Coola’s eco-conscious formulas ensure that your face is well-protected without harsh chemicals and irritants. Interested in learning more about Coola Suncare? Coola will be at Glen Ivy on Saturday, August 10 from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. to share their variety of organic suncare products, perfect for year-round usage.