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Demystifying the Spa.Wave Massage

Spa Wave massage

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is proud to be the only spa on the West Coast offering Spa.Wave treatments. So what is Spa.Wave? We sat down with Glen Ivy’s Spa Director, Patty Rook, to learn all about the award winning sound massage system that combines the effects of deep relaxation techniques with meditation and mindfulness. Patty offered her wealth of knowledge about the Spa.Wave method, its benefits, and what guests can expect during their treatment.

What happens during a Spa.Wave treatment?

The Spa.Wave treatment is a full sensory experience that pairs traditional massage techniques with a vibrating table, headphones and special music, and an eye cover. Our massage therapists start the service with a Welcome Ritual using Comfort Zone’s trademark Tranquillity Blend, and guests are invited to take three deep breaths, inhaling the aroma. The massage continues with traditional massage techniques and is enhanced with Spa.Wave music and vibration throughout the service. The massage concludes with a Closing Ritual performed with Tranquillity Blend and deep breathing before the headphones are removed and the service is concluded, leaving the guest feeling deeply relaxed.

How does the music and vibration system work together to relax guests?

The Spa.Wave combines the gentle sound waves of a special music with a highly efficient vibration massage system integrated into the surface of the massage table. While the special sounds slow down mental activity, the vibration massage acts specifically on the energy centers (chakras) of the body.

What are the benefits of Spa.Wave?

This innovative sound massage system combines the effects of deep relaxation with meditation and mindfulness. Spa.Wave offers an extraordinary and effective relaxation and anti-stress experience, along with the traditional benefits of a massage such as reducing stress, improving circulation, increasing blood flow throughout the body, alleviating pain and eliminating built up toxins in the body.

Who can benefit from receiving a Spa.Wave massage?

People who struggle with sleep or have a hard time relaxing will especially benefit from Spa.Wave massages, buy everyone can benefit from the deeply relaxing treatment.


Spa.Wave Treatments are now available at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. For more information and to book your own treatment please call 888-453-6489.