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A Taste of Twilight


Are you ready to join us poolside under the stars during Twilight? From May 2 through October 27, from 4 to 9 p.m., enjoy live music, signature summer cocktails and an exclusive Twilight evening menu. In preparation for the return of Twilight evenings at Glen Ivy, we sat down with new Executive Chef, Chris Hartman, to learn all about the mouthwatering Twilight dinner dishes  and his background as a chef.

1. What is the inspiration/ food philosophy behind the Twilight menu?

My food philosophy for Twilight is based on the same essential elements that I use for all of the food I create: fresh ingredients, bright colors and bold flavors.

2. What dishes are you most excited about?

I am most excited about the tomato bruschetta, chicken wings, and peanut butter noodles. The bruschetta is a variation of a dish I have made for the past 15 years, now with expanded ingredients and new flavors. I am looking forward to the chicken wings because they do not have that vinegar burn that most hot wings have, but they still have the great buffalo flavor and zesty kick, and the peanut butter noodles, mainly because I love peanut butter!

3. What is your previous culinary experience and how has it helped you in creating the menu at Glen Ivy?

I have been lucky enough to have worked under a variety of really great chefs over the last many years. I have developed a strong base in California coastal cuisine and have had the chance to immerse myself into the ever changing world of spa food. I have come in contact with just about any and every dietary restriction out there and have enjoyed learning how to cater to all different types of people. I’ve carried these tools and lessons with me in creating the Twilight menu.

4. How is the Twilight evening menu different than the regular Ivy Kitchen menu?

The Twilight menu is geared toward small plates, allowing guests to sample multiple dishes that are only available during Twilight hours.

5. What excites you about Twilight?

What excites me about Twilight is getting to feature different dishes that aren’t available during the day. It’s always fun to cook food a little different than the norm and to utilize smaller plates to give guests the chance to have a diverse dining experience that features a variety of tastes and flavors.