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An Inside Look at Shirodhara

shirodhara treatment

Everything You Need to Know about Shirodhara with Ashish Pandya of Shankara Naturals

To celebrate the launch of Glen Ivy’s new Shirodhara body treatment, we sat down with Shankara’s Director of Education, Ashish Pandya, to learn how the relaxing and rejuvenating practice benefits both the body and mind. Ashish offered his wealth of knowledge about both Shirodhara and Ayurvedic holistic healing and what to expect from Shirodhara.

What does Shirodhara mean?

‘Shiro’ in Sanskrit means head or forehead region and ‘dhara’ means a continuous flow, so Shirodhara translates to a continuous flow of herb infused oil on the forehead.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient science that is based on the principles of balancing and harmonizing the five elements of our bodies.

What is the philosophy behind Ayurveda?

The entire world around us is made up of five elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Our bodies are also made of the same five elements. Harmonizing the elements of the body with nature gives us a healthy body, happy mind and flawless skin.

What happens during a Shirodhara body treatment?

The treatment begins with a powerful aromatherapy inhalation session to activate the senses and energy centers. Reflexology and a brief foot and hand massage follow to further activate energy centers and relieve stress. The scalp is stimulated to prepare to receive Shirodhara. The oil is then poured in a unique ancient flow pattern for eight to ten minutes to stimulate forehead nerve nodes and balance the pituitary and pineal glands. Following the oil flow, guests indulge in a moment of total silence before a final head and scalp massage to complete the treatment with a state of happiness and mental clarity. This treatment ends with a nice head and scalp massage. Since the Shirodhara oil is custom made and very beneficial for the hair and scalp, it is recommended to leave it in for 2 to 24 hours after the service.

What are the benefits of Shirodhara?

There are innumerable benefits of Shirodhara. It helps with improving insomnia, hypertension, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, sinus problems, migraine headaches and more.

How should someone prepare for a Shirodhara treatment?

There is no preparation required to receive Shirodhara. One can enhance their experience by letting go during the process and allowing this 5000-year-old time tested technique to improve their quality of life.

What type of products are used during a Shirodhara treatment?

We use Shankara Essence, which is made with lotus and rose absolute essential oils for inhalation. Nourishing foot oil is used to massage feet, which relieves stress and helps with insomnia. Nourishing or hydrating body silk is chosen according to skin type for the arm and hand massages to help protect skin from the sun. A custom made Shirodhara oil strengthens roots, increases volume, removes dandruff and soothes itchy scalps.

How will one feel after their Shirodhara body treatment?

One feels deeply relaxed and rejuvenated after their Shirodhara treatment. There is a sense of release and clarity that dawns afterwards.

50-minute Shirodhara Body Treatments are now available at Glen Ivy Hot Springs for $145. For more information and to book your very own treatment visit