The Glen Ivy Experience There's Nothing Quite Like It


To the Glen Ivy Experience

We pride ourselves on being everyone’s resort. A destination like no other. Whatever you come for: a day with friends or family, a wellness escape, top therapeutic treatments, healthy food or our beautiful pools and lush landscape, the team at Glen Ivy® guarantees to make your day special, seamless and above all unforgettable.

The Water

Water is at the heart of Glen Ivy. Our resort was founded on the healing properties of the mineral springs right here on site. Enjoy our mix of mineral water baths and pools with a range of different benefits. We have 19 to choose from!

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Club Mud

This is a unique Glen Ivy experience! Nourish and cleanse your skin from head to toe with our California red clay. A D-I-Y therapy that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

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The Grotto

Another wellbeing experience found only at Glen Ivy! Descend into the cave-like surroundings of The Grotto for a ritual that refreshes and re-moisturizes your sun-drenched skin.

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Spa Treatments

Get even more from your day at Glen Ivy with our selection of exceptional spa and beauty treatments using top-quality, internationally-acclaimed products. Our mantra: Retreat, Relax, Revitalize, Renew.

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Dining and Drinking

Exciting food and drink options are pivotal to your Glen Ivy experience. Our farm-to-table philosophy means we serve your favorite dishes with a healthy twist, all freshly prepared.

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Saunas and Steam

We have two stylish saunas offering a choice in experiences: Aspen Wood with soothing Meadow Scent at 160 degrees F and Canadian Hemlock Wood with refreshing Mint Scent at 180 degrees F. Dry sauna heat increases circulation and removes toxins from the body leaving you feeling cleansed and calm.

The hot, humid environment of our steam rooms improves circulation, reduces stress, cleanses the skin and soothes sore muscles. It’s the perfect stop on your visit to the Bath House.

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Bath House

Our Bath House has spacious changing facilities and storage for your belongings. Women have their own indoor pool, brand new make-up stations, showers and steam rooms. And for men: a steam room, pool, and a television for viewing sports.

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