Things to Know and FAQs
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What kind of payment types do you accept?
What does my admission include?
Do you have an age limit?
What if I’m late for my treatment?
Is admission included in the treatment price?
Eating and drinking
How do I communicate with my service provider during my service?
Is gratuity included with the cost of my service?
What are your hours?
Do you offer any specialty discounts?
I was told that Glen Ivy has reached capacity today. What does that mean?
Can I stay overnight?
What can my Glen Ivy Hot Springs Gift Card be used for?
Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?
What is Evenings at Glen Ivy?
Does the Grotto Experience make you feel claustrophobic?
What is the environment like at Glen Ivy?
Can I bring my phone or tablet?
What to wear?
Should I bring my own robe?
What am I supposed to bring with me?
Is there anything I should NOT bring to the resort?
How do I make a reservation?
Do you offer any group discounts?
What are your admission rates?
What is your cancellation policy?
Can I use the pools if I'm pregnant?
What treatments can I enjoy when I am pregnant?
What if I have health concerns?
What is your smoking policy?
What happens if I lose an item while I am at Glen Ivy?
What is your Service Animal policy?