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With the upcoming celebration of Soakember on November 12, it’s as good a time as any to revisit the importance of hydrotherapy. This global virtual event invites natural hot springs like Glen Ivy, and others worldwide, to highlight hydrothermal therapies and hot springs benefits. Soakember serves as an annual reminder that water is not only the basic element of the human body, but is in fact an element that can unite us all. The creators of Soakember uphold the belief that “though we are separated by oceans, we are all connected by water.” A primary reason Soakember was started was to celebrate the benefits of hydrotherapy, but also to emphasize the human connection that can result from hot springs soaking. 

Hydrotherapy is defined simply as the treatment of ailments through the use of water and has been around for centuries. Hydrothermal therapy, a facet of hot springs, similarly utilizes the same healing properties of water but has the added effect of temperature. With hot spring soaking dating as far back as Ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures, the medicinal and therapeutic use of water has clearly proven to be more than effective over the years. The benefits of natural hot springs are numerous and include boosting blood flow, improving circulation and immunity, reducing stress and anxiety, relieving pain, and treating the skin with minerals and nutrients, just to name a few.  

Glen Ivy Hot Springs, with its own rich hydrothermal history, got its start long ago as sacred lands which local Native American tribes would visit seasonally for the water’s healing powers. The tribe that visited the springs believed the waters there had the ability to heal the body, mind and spirit. Years later, when transportation was more accessible, an adobe inn was built at the hot springs site and began attracting visitors both near and far, catapulting the longstanding history and tradition of soaking at Glen Ivy. Since then, Glen Ivy has transformed a number of times and received a few new looks, but its mineral rich waters have consistently remained a unifying destination for guests from all over California and beyond. The springs at Glen Ivy not only offer the ultimate relaxation and wellness experience, but welcome all visitors seeking the many benefits and community of soaking. To participate with Glen Ivy and other hot springs around the world, join the Soakember virtual movement on November 12 at!