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two women enjoying the pool

The holidays and joyous celebrations are here, and the busyness that comes with this time of year can distract from the importance of self-care, relaxation and wellness. In the midst of the holiday season hustle and bustle it is just as important to take time to destress and find true serenity. Here are a couple of ways to minimize the stress of the holidays and maximize the positives of the season. 


Meditation has taken on various forms and has adapted to become a universally accessible and daily practice for most. Meditation is a deeper focus on breathing to help the mind be present and has a multitude of benefits. According to Mindful, the top five reasons to meditate include improvements in lowering stress, better connections, improving focus, reducing brain chatter, and understanding pain. Whether it is brief breathing exercises on your own each day or listening to audio guided meditations, it is something everyone can partake in to positively impact mental and physical health. 

Power of Scent

Aromatherapy uses the power of scent to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation to create pure tranquility. Essential oils can be a powerful way to boost brain chemistry and create realignment of the mind and body through scent. Healthline shared the benefits of using the holistic healing treatment of aromatherapy which include improving overall sleep quality, reducing stress, agitation, anxiety, treating headaches and migraines and more. Glen Ivy uses aromatherapy treatments to enhance the senses during services like the Tranquility Pro Sleep Ritual body treatment to favor sleep and aid chronic stress.

At Glen Ivy, we understand the importance of taking time to prioritize wellness, especially during the holidays. Give the gift of serenity this year with Glen Ivy Hot Springs’ iconic gift card sale and spa bundles, available through December 24. Guests are also invited to experience wellness for themselves this season with the Winter Warm-up Package at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. For $239 ($260 value), receive a 50-minute massage or facial, a visit to the moisturizing subterranean Grotto, admission to the facilities including the iconic Club Mud, a cozy robe, and hot chocolate or hot apple cider from the Warm-Up Zone.