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Sound of Color Meditation Pedicure

Have you ever explored what a color sounds like? Perhaps green sounds like the swishing of blades of grass dancing in the wind, and blue sounds like water flowing gently through a creek. What about magenta, indigo, chartreuse or white? Creativity is boundless when thinking about possibilities. Sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand SpaRitual® has taken a step towards defining the melodies of color with its innovative Sound of Color nail care program.

Pairing nail care with meditation, Sound of Color transports guests to a zen and relaxing state. SpaRitual partnered with UnPlug, an accessible meditation app, to curate stress-reducing and wellness-inducing meditations that correspond with SpaRitual’s nail polish shades and take nail care services to a deeper state of relaxation.

Sound of Color treatments start by selecting a Vegan Nourishing Nail Color from SpaRitual’s range of 36 brilliant polishes. Choose from empowering shades like Wellness Warrior, a bold red, True Freedom, a rose pink, or Breath of Joy, a peachy nude. Each polish corresponds with a special meditation that guests listen to with noise-cancelling headphones, often drifting away to a place of total wellness. Each Sound of Color meditation is unique and is designed to support calmness and well-being.

Nail care is often overlooked as a wellness ritual with the hustle and bustle atmosphere in the standard nail salon. SpaRitual is bringing wellness back to the salon with empowering, meditative Sound of Color services. Glen Ivy Hot Springs is pleased to offer Sound of Color pedicures. To learn more and book a treatment, please call 888-GLEN-IVY.