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What is Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound bath meditation with Anthony Espanet and Marsha Pacificar

Sound bath meditation is a tranquil meditation where the soothing noises of calming
instruments bathe over people to relax the mind and bring inner peace. Today, sound
bath meditation is in vogue for stress reduction, but the use of sound therapy is not a
new concept. For centuries, communities across the world have used peaceful noises
to heal the body in mind. The ancient origins of sound healing date back to ancient
Greeks who used soothing sounds to induce sleep and help with indigestion. Tibetan
people have used singing bowls for therapeutic effects for over 2,000 years.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is pleased to offer sound bath meditation during Evenings at
Glen Ivy. Marsha Pacificar and Anthony Espanet guide the transformative
meditations at Glen Ivy and have joined us to share more about their sound bath

How do you describe the Sound Bath experience?

Marsha & Anthony: We like to think of a sound bath as sophisticated adult nap time.
Each participant lays down in the most comfortable position for them, closes their
eyes, and focuses on their breath while we play a beautiful audio paradise and guide
the practical connection to our breath.

What instruments do you use in sound baths?
M & A: Just like yoga, every sound bath is different. We use Crystal Tones Triple
Alchemy Sound Bowls, Rav drums, rain sticks, ocean drums, and chimes to mimic the
restorative properties found in nature. We also use the rarest quality sound bowls
that produce the clearest resonance for the human ear to find rest.

Who can benefit from a Sound Bath?
M & A: Sound bath meditation is a fundamental need for every living person, from
babies to grandparents. If self care and wellness had an order, sound baths with
breath would be the first step to our perfection of relaxation. The sounds are meant to
support breathing slower and deeper in a beautiful way. Slower breath leads to
better brain function and a calmer mind, which creates more connection in our
human experience.

Is there anything to know or prepare before experiencing a Sound Bath?
M & A: Everyone should come with an open mind and know that in our performance
we respect everyone’s way of life and beliefs. This is a self care practice for everyone.
Be prepared to rest, restore, and relax in a new way.

Sound bath meditation is available on most Sundays during Evenings at Glen Ivy. For
more information and reservations, please call 888-453-6489.