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Exploring A Minimalist Lifestyle

Palm frond in vase

A polarizing concept, minimalism is critiqued as a cold and empty life. The term itself often evokes an image of an austere, modern home and a muted color palate. Naysayers often view minimalism for what it is not, while minimalists view their lifestyle as free, abundant and virtuous. The concept of minimalism originated from 1960s art, but today the philosophy has become a guiding lifestyle principle for those seeking to live intentionally. At Glen Ivy, we view minimalism as a lifestyle focused on minimizing distractions that keep you from doing what matters to you.

A key theory of minimalism is that people should only own possessions that serve a purpose, whether that be functionality or joy. Eliminating unnecessary items frees people from the time, effort and mental capacity it takes to clean and maintain their possessions, and those personal resources can be focused on what matters most.

Take a junk drawer for example. Nearly every home has a junk drawer of sorts. Inevitably, when you rummage around in the drawer you get a nagging feeling that you need to organize the drawer… if only you had more time.  A minimalist would argue that you could live without most of the items in the drawer, and therefore it should be eliminated and you will be freed of the nagging feeling of needing to organize the drawer each time you pass it.

Contemporary minimalism goes beyond possessions and art into the digital space. Digital minimalism is the same concept: spending less time on digital devices will free more time to allocate to your passions, family and loved ones. The principles of minimalism can be applied throughout your life.

While it is not a pillar of wellness, minimalism complements a wellness lifestyle. Both concepts focus on intentional living, prioritizing oneself and self-improvement. Beyond the personal benefits of minimalism, environmentalists believe widespread acceptance of minimalism is a key to achieving goals for a greener planet and minimizing global warming. There are no rules with minimalism, and we believe anyone interested in pursuing a minimalist lifestyle will be able to achieve it. We encourage you to explore minimalism and keep the principles in mind when making a change to your space or wardrobe. Those are the easiest places to try out minimalism for yourself.