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Discovering Your Meditation Style

Woman meditating

An ancient practice believed to have originated from India, meditation is a popular wellness practice for those seeking to alter their consciousness, ground themselves, enhance awareness and find peace. Especially over the past 12 months, meditation has been an important tool for wellness seekers to navigate through uncertainty.

In honor of National Meditation Month in May, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is shining a light on the four most popular meditation styles to explore what resonates with your mindset and skills.

Mantra meditation is the most common form of meditation founded originally in Hindu and Buddism practices. In this form, meditators use a repetitive sound to clear their mind, the most popular sound being “Om”. This type of meditation allows one to focus on their environment, ultimately enhancing awareness.

Similar to mantra, transcendental meditation involves the repeating of words or phrases that are specific to the practitioner. This common form of mediation has been the subject of various scientific studies and has been known to reduce stress levels drastically in practitioners suffering from anxiety.

For those with a more vivid imagination, visualization meditation is the perfect way to reduce stress and find inner peace. In this method, meditators visualize positive scenes or images using all five senses to bring to life every detail. Another form of visualization meditation is visualizing oneself succeeding in a goal to increase motivation and focus.

Focused meditation is a dialed-in practice using any one of the meditator’s five senses. For example, one can count mala beads, focus on breathing, or even stare at a flame. This practice is great for those looking to gain additional focus in their lives.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs’ daily meditation classes are open to beginners and experts alike for a relaxing session led by a well-practiced teacher. For a more intimate experience, The Secret Garden provides the perfect quiet atmosphere for guests to embrace a meditative state during their time at the spa.