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The Power of a Daily Mantra


Inspiring quotes often get a bad rap, especially those that become ubiquitous clichés on wall art like “live, laugh, love.” The sentiment behind these statements is the powerful practice of daily mantras. A positive affirmation to keep oneself motivated, optimistic and courageous, daily mantras are a simple mediation to guide through challenging moments. Wellness writer and friend of Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Donna Sozio, shared how she incorporates daily mantras into her life to keep to inspire herself to keep going when times get hard.

These days our energy is pulled in a thousand different directions. Often, unconsciously, which can make it difficult to focus. It may feel like we’re in survival mode 24/7 and are so drained that we have little energy to support ourselves.

To powerfully pull my energy back and restore a healthy sense of wellbeing, I use a
daily mantra. I keep my mantra quite simple and utterly believable. I don’t indulge in
toxic positivity. Or take too big of a jump forward. Rather, I use my daily mantra to help
me face whatever challenge I’m experiencing that day and bring myself back into focus.
For example, I’ll coo to myself when hoping for a yes but afraid of receiving a
no: whatever the answer is I can handle it. Or I’ll think back to a time I was proud of
myself with the reminder that I handled that well, and I’ll do the same today.

I use daily mantras as a prescriptive remedy to whatever stress I’m experiencing at the
moment. If I feel pressed or scattered, I’ll repeat inside my mind… just focus on this one
thing for now. My words are always sweet and comforting, like a mother encouraging
her baby’s first steps.

I think of mantras as a practical promise I make to myself. After a while of keeping those
promises, I notice that I powerfully believe what I say to myself. Which naturally builds
self-trust and causes me to feel capable and optimistic. My daily mantra becomes like a
soothing lullaby that I sweetly sing to myself all day long. I may keep the same mantra
for a day or longer until I feel stable and ready for the next step in whatever I’m facing.

It’s important not to use mantras as an escape. It’s much more effective to accept
whatever you’re facing and handle it with a simple, powerful, and believable mantra that
supports you every step along the way.

About Donna Sozio
Donna Sozio is a wellness, wine, and luxury travel writer. She traverses the globe in
search of true travel gems that are a worthy splurge. Her articles have been featured in
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