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The Five Pillars of Wellness

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For 160 years, Glen Ivy has shared the philosophies and benefits of wellness with visitors. This year, we are grateful to be open and celebrating World Wellness Weekend on September 19-20. A global holiday that champions wellness for all, World Wellness Weekend strives to educate the world on the Five Pillars of Wellness, simple principles that can improve overall health.

Pillar 1: Sleep and Restoration
Sleep is vital for health and wellness. The body and mind undergo well-deserved restoration while we sleep. Disconnecting from devices in the evenings, meditating, taking a warm bath and incorporating peaceful breathing techniques into your bedtime routine are wonderful practices to help get a full eight hours of rest each night.

Pillar 2: Nutrition and Nourishment
Clean eating positively impacts the immune system, energy levels, mental health and skin. Developing mindful eating habits and making healthy food choices improves nutrition and helps the body and mind function at their best.

Pillar 3: Vitality and Movement

Vitality and movement are crucial for life longevity. It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, but getting moving every single day is an excellent wellness practice. 15 minutes of cardio a day increases happiness and promotes a healthy life.

Pillar 4: Serenity and Mindfulness
Mental serenity and mindfulness are a practice, not an achievement to conquer. To help create space for peace of mind, conscious breathing, smiling, saying no, forgiving oneself and spending time in nature are examples of ways to live a more peaceful life.

Pillar 5: Purpose and Solidarity

Identifying your life’s purpose is truly a revelation, although it often requires deep introspection and reflection. Finding your passion can take a lifetime, but when you put your heart into what you do and pursue your purpose, life is truly fulfilling.

Glen Ivy believes that a happy life is one that prioritizes self-care, self-love, and self-forgiveness. The Five Pillars of Wellness are a foundation to guide a healthy life. Whether it is finding time to be more active or discovering the meaning of your life, Glen Ivy is here to support you and provide meaningful wellness experiences. We invite you to celebrate World Wellness Weekend with us on September 19 – 20. Throughout the weekend, our team of wellness experts will be hosting special activities like aqua yoga and sound bath meditations. For more information and to make a reservation, please call 888-GLEN-IVY.