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Celebrating World Bathing Day With The Global Hot Springs Community

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World Bathing Day is a global event celebrating the diverse rituals and traditions of bathing, cleansing and body rejuvenation. Mineral baths are one of the oldest forms of bathing that can be found around the world in natural springs and spas. In the United States, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is one of the largest mineral spring spas and has been operating for 160 years, offering Californians and tourists the relaxation, renewal and deep sense of wellbeing a day of bathing can offer.

On World Bathing Day, hot springs in 50 countries will join forces to celebrate water, is rituals and bathing traditions. Glen Ivy Hot Springs is proud to stand with the global hot springs community to shine a light on the power of water for health, community and culture, while also raising awareness for the World’s population who does not have access to clean water.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is celebrating World Bathing Day at the spa, and virtually on social media to amplify World Bathing Day’s message across California and the United States. Guests visiting the resort will get to spend a day bathing in minerals water and receiving the benefits of bathing first hand. Fans following online will be able to watch original videos with wellness influencers who will be teaching ritual baths to recreate at home and a sound bath meditation to help set an intention for the day.

We invite you to join us and the global hot springs community in celebrating World Bathing Day on June 22. Whether you celebrate with us at the spa or on social media, we look forward to honoring this wellness holiday together!