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Curating a Wellness Lifestyle

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Wellness (noun) the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Hydrotherapy is at the core of Glen Ivy Hot Springs’ wellness experience, from bathing in mineral hot springs to contrast therapy and saline pool soaks. A comprehensive wellness lifestyle, however, takes an integrated approach that combines treatments, skincare, and lifestyle – diet, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and more – to make a real change in the skin and reveal its beauty and vitality.

Glen Ivy partnered with [ comfort zone ] to create a series of Wellness Workshops that address prominent wellness themes that can be introduced into a daily lifestyle. The first workshop, Feed Your Skin, focused on holistic nutrition counselling that identified foods to supplement a healthy skincare routine. Christine Lee, a master trainer from [ comfort zone ], introduced various snacks and ingredients that are powerful in feeding the skin to promote hydration and combat oxidation and inflammation from within.

Foods for hydration: Water is essential to hydration. 80% of water should be consumed through liquids, and 20% should be consumed through solid foods. In addition, ingredients with Hyaluronic Acid promote hydration.

  • Water-packed foods: Cucumbers, celery, watermelon, green bell peppers
  • Hyaluronic acid: Starchy root vegetables, bone broth, soy

Antioxidant-rich foods: Vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene are powerful antioxidants and the body’s best allies to stay strong and healthy.

  • Vitamin C: Berries, goji, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables
  • Vitamin E: Tofu, spinach, nuts, avocado, olive oil
  • Beta-carotene: Sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, melon

Anti-inflammatory foods: Certain foods cause internal inflammation, which renders the skin more sensitive. Omega-3 s and Prebiotic rich foods helped contrast inflammation and keep the immune system active to keep a healthy skin barrier.

  • Omega 3s: Salmon, wild cold water fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts
  • Prebiotics: Leeks, onions, oat, apple

2020 Wellness Workshop Schedule

April – Stress & Skin, Immune System Empowerment

May – Creating a More Plant-Based Diet

July – The Tranquillity Experience, The Tranquil Mind, Meditation, Connection of Stress to Skin

August – Living in Seasons Harmony

October – Self-Massage: Benefits and How-To

For more information and to sign up for a Wellness Workshop, please call 888-453-6489.