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Personal Benefits of Gratitude

woman building cairn

The holiday season is a time for spreading kindness and generosity, acts that often get lost in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of holiday parties, shopping, and decorating. Researchers have found that embracing feelings of gratitude increase our own happiness, generosity, and health.


Gratitude helps us notice what is already good in our lives instead of what is bad, which helps us develop positive feelings about ourselves and our life. Taking a moment to step back from all the “have to’s” in your life and letting yourself focus on what and who you are truly grateful for increases happiness and helps to create an overall more positive outlook on life.


One of the most important benefits of gratitude is the ability to take the focus off ourselves and pay it forward to the people around us. Individuals who are more likely to notice and appreciate the positivity in the world are more likely to be generous with others.


The act of gratitude has many health benefits including improvement in physical and emotional health, enhanced sleep quality, lower blood pressure, reduced pain and a better immune system. The optimism and positive attitude that comes as a result of regularly practicing gratitude have also been shown to increase life expectancy.

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