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A Glimpse Into the Grotto

Grotto waterfall

Kick start the spring with beautiful, glowing skin in our newly renovated Grotto, reopening early March! One of Glen Ivy’s most beloved treatments, The Grotto is a unique, deeply moisturizing body treatment that you can enjoy alongside friends and loved ones.

First discovered in ancient Rome, grottoes were recognized as peaceful escapes from the outside world. The Italians used the abundant natural moisture of grottoes to create hydrating bath houses. Similarly, the French sought out these cool subterranean caves for relief from the blazing heat. At Glen Ivy, our Grotto adopts all these techniques into a uniquely hydrating and silky treatment that we can truly call our own.

Discover The Grotto by taking a journey through bamboo to a pair of elevator doors with a single button venturing down. Upon your arrival to the peaceful, subterranean caves, your body is lathered from neck-to-toe with a warm aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus, lavender, and shea butter masque.

Once painted, we invite you to relax in the gently heated cavern while your pores open, allowing the silky, moisturizing formula to soak deep into your skin. Shea butter works as a softening agent to reveal your softest skin yet. Lavender diminishes redness encompassing your body in a glorious, natural glow. Aloe vera and eucalyptus drive deep into your pores targeting wrinkles and leaving you with a plump, healthy finish. Spend as much time as you wish massaging this masque into your skin before rinsing off under warm, cascading water.

Amid mystic waterfalls and lush hanging plants, refresh in the cooler grotto over tea, water, and fresh fruit. The cool effect of the cave closes your pores, locking in all the nutrients from our masque, leaving your skin softer and healthier than ever!

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