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Benefits of Gratitude

hand in waterfall

With Thanksgiving approaching, now is the time of year when many of us reflect upon everything we have to be grateful for. The appreciation we show around the holidays is an important reason for the season, however, studies have shown that practicing gratitude throughout the entire year can have incredible health benefits and greatly improve overall quality of life.

Gratitude is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Gratitude improves physical health. Studies have shown that people who are grateful experience fewer aches and pains, which contributes to increased longevity and vitality. They are also more likely to actively take care of their health by exercising, eating healthy and going to the doctor.
  2. Gratitude improves psychological health. Focusing on the positive aspects of life is shown to reduce emotions including resentment, irritation, jealousy and regret. Research has linked gratitude to minimizing depressive thoughts and creating an overall happier state of mind.
  3. Gratitude enhances sleep quality. People who reflect on what they are thankful for before bed are shown to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, resulting in increased alertness and energy during the day.
  4. Gratitude increases mental strength. Not only does gratitude reduce stress and decrease depressive thoughts, but it also plays an active role in overcoming trauma. Studies have shown that recognizing reasons for gratitude, even during difficult times, helps foster resilience and coping mechanisms.

At Glen Ivy, we recognize the benefits of gratitude and believe it is important to take time for self and time for family. Incorporate introspection into your daily routine and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of gratitude. Here at Glen Ivy Hot Springs, we provide a wellness escape that allows you to step away from stress and focus on all of the amazing aspects of life. Our saunas, therapeutic pools, spa treatments and secluded Secret Garden are examples of the opportunities provided to practice peace, spend time with loved ones and embrace the benefits of gratitude.