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Club Mud

Wellness. It’s the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. We all know it’s important to seek physical and mental health, but sometimes our efforts end up as boring trips to the gym or bland diets. At Glen Ivy, we’re excited about wellness, and we want you to be too! During your next visit to our spa, break away from the norm and consider our wide variety of services and amenities to incorporate into your day of wellness.

Book a Massage. Massage therapy is proven to reduce back and muscle pain. A massage will increase circulation, relieve pain, and ease anxiety and depression. The benefits continue, as reduced stress will in turn improve your sleep. For a particularly unique experience, try Glen Ivy’s signature and rare Quartz Massage, designed for deep relaxation and restoration.

Indulge with a Facial. Even those with perfectly clear skin can benefit from professional facials. Facials detoxify the skin, help to eliminate dark circles, and can even prevent aging. Taking the time to indulge in beauty treatments is a fun way to take care of your body and mind.

Play in the Mud. You may feel like a kid again when you visit Glen Ivy’s Club Mud, slathering your entire body in California red clay. Take the time to relax, bask in the sun while the mud dries, and then wash it off to reveal baby-soft skin. Mud and clay treatments work hard to draw out toxins and excess oils from your skin, while delivering nutrients to encourage healing.

Spice up your Workout. Changing up your workout routine keeps your mind and body in shape. Fitness activities are offered daily on the Glen Ivy grounds and are complimentary with admission. On your next visit, we encourage you to try the AquaFit class. Using a pool to exercise is a fantastic way to invigorate your workouts, as water workouts can be just as effective as those on dry land but reduces the impact on your joints. Check out the Glen Ivy calendar for all the activities available.

Next time you find yourself bored or discouraged in your pursuit of wellness, we encourage you to come and spend a day with us. Glen Ivy offers 19 therapeutic pools, including our historical mineral baths, moisturizing Grotto treatments, a wide variety of services and much more!