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walking the labyrinth

As the holiday season approaches, life starts to get busier. It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate everyone and everything around us. Just make sure to carve out some Me Time, check in with yourself and do what makes you feel centered. When you feel balanced inside, you can affect the world more positively.


The more we learn about what threatens our health, the more we hear about stress. Our bodies instinctively go into fight or flight mode when we feel overwhelmed or threatened. The more often we face these feelings, the more likely stress is to cause chronic ailments – like insomnia or anxiety. Stress is our number one enemy and it’s imperative to take time to check in with yourself and decompress. Try some techniques to offset stress like simply breathing. Knowing how to control your breath is essential for balancing the body and mind.


Has your massage therapist ever asked you to smell various scented oils before your massage service? When stimulated for a beneficial purpose, the sense of smell is a powerful ally to realign the mind and body, to ready you for a relaxing and rebalancing experience. Aromatherapy uses the natural power of scent to resolve concerns of all different natures, from physical, to skin imperfections, muscular pain or even your mood. Carving out some valuable me time to receive an aromatheraputic massage service regularly is ideal. But you can also benefit from the power of scent at home by incorporating aromatic products into your daily routine. Using a nourishing bath and body system containing a blend of essential oils can help you relax, manage stress and rediscover a sense of profound tranquility and well being.

With “me time” in mind, [ comfort zone ] the Italian science-brand skincare line used at top spas across the world, created TRANQUILLITY – a bath and body system to help you manage (and escape!) day-to-day stressors. The unique science based formulas of [ comfort zone ] can be experienced during Glen Ivy’s spa treatments such as massages, facials, nail care, and are also available for purchase in the Glen Ivy store.

Allow yourself some Me time every week to nourish your mind, spirit, and your skin.