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What are you waiting for? This is YOUR year to be happy, healthy, and well!


Do you feel stuck or unsure about how to move more, weigh less, make healthier eating choices, clear the clutter, or figure out how to get your life back to a happy place? You’re not alone! We’re all juggling crazy, busy, complicated lives and it can feel challenging to turn even your best intentions into meaningful, sustainable action.


Well, struggle no more! A one-hour personalized coaching session with our resident wellness coach, Meg Root, can be the perfect catalyst for creating the positive change you want to see in your life.  

Meg’s coaching sessions will help you:

  • Create clarity and positive energy around your life and wellness goals. 
  • Reconnect with your wise and empowered “well-self,” and how to use that feel-good energy to turn your goals into successful outcomes.
  • Identify simple, doable, and effective action steps to reach your goals and get back to living your best life in a timely fashion.  

What to Expect From Your Wellness Coaching Session

Meg’s coaching sessions are highly interactive. They begin with focused time listening to your story and where you feel most challenged in your life and wellness. Be sure to spend some quiet time ahead of your session considering what areas of your wellness most need your attention right now. Each session then engages you in a wellness “exercise” so that you return home with a practical, feel-good plan for moving your wellness goals forward.

Release any fear or negativity around making time for yourself and your wellness. Meg will show you how the process of reclaiming your best life can feel good!

Additional session descriptions and details are available on the Glen Ivy Website 


About Meg Root

Meg Root has been Glen Ivy’s resident wellness coach and expert for the last 6 years.  Her extensive background in wellness, fitness, healthy eating, and living a balanced lifestyle allows her to guide and support people on a feel-good journey to a healthier, happier life. 

How To Book a Coaching Session with Meg

Contact (951) 277-3529 ext. 1309


Single 1-Hour Session: $75 

New Year! New You! Package

$125 and includes a 1-Hour Session with Meg, Grotto Body Treatment, Lunch and your Taking the Waters Admission. 

*Scheduling is based on availability and is only offered Monday through Friday starting February 1st, 2016